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Getting to know me and my background in the business will be a good step to start working together with mutual trust


My name is Noura Azzam

Egyptian Girl , live in Egypt / 27years old / working remotely in the field of graphic design for more than 4 years

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My Story

The story of my passion for art began when I was eight years old. In fact, I am grateful to my father, who bequeathed to me the skill of drawing and the love of art in general.
But of course, I will not dwell on you, and I will not talk about the past 18 years. This is absurd, but I would like to say briefly that I learned graphics 4 years ago and took many educational courses in this field. I like to learn and acquire many other technical skills, such as making video montages, vector drawing, and others. I worked with many Arab companies and foreign individuals, and my work was appreciated by many of those I worked with for years


Adobe Photoshop 

Adobe Illustrator 

Adobe Indesign

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Affter Effects

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